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Leadership Perspective: Self Motivation Equates to Self Preservation

Last week, I had the opportunity to present to a large group of talented business executives the importance of mentorship and coaching. As I surveyed the room, I could feel the positive energy and business spark in group. They were all determined, they were focused and they were driven. The had the fire in their bellies and they were hungry with intent. At the end of my presentation, I had an individual walk up to me and we started chatting. Quick assessment, on the exterior, he was sharp, well poised and confident. While talking to him, I quickly detected a lack of direction, he knew what he wanted to accomplish, but he lacked the knowledge and guidance to set goals and stay motivated to achieve results.

“you are only confined by the walls you build yourself”

Continue reading the article here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/leadership-perspective-self-motivation-equates-sunil

See you next week!


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