Leadership, Management, TEDx

Breakfast Discussion: Universal Basic Income & Definition of Success – August 11 @ 8AM –

We will be watching and discussing Michael Slaby’s video about “Universal Basic Income, the 30-Hour Workweek, and the Economics of Poverty”.
Video link: youtu.be/fhNbq_J8vjc

Michael Slaby currently runs the Chicago-based startup he founded, Timshel, which developed the platform known as The Groundwork.

Slaby was the Chief Technology Officer of Obama for America in 2008. In 2012, he rejoined the campaign as Chief Integration and Innovation Officer. When the campaign finished he began work on social impact organizations that leverage technology to create social movements. Hillary Clinton also used the technologies developed by Slaby and his team in her presidential campaign.

Get involved in the discussion live at the breakfast table and on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/groups/12040590

Join us tomorrow at 8AM at the Coral Springs “The Egg & I” restaurant.
Address: 1933 N University Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33071


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